Examples of Classical Ballet Variations:

Swan Lake:

Act 1 – Female and male variations from Pas de Trois.

Act 2 – Variation of Odette from Grand White Adagio.

Variation of Odile and Siegfried

Sleeping Beauty:

Prologue – Variation of Lilac Fairy

Act 1 – Variation of Aurora

Act 3 – Pas de Deux of the Blue Bird (variation of Florina and the Blue Bird) Pas de Deux of Aurora and Prince Desire (variation of Aurora and Prince Desire)


Act 2 – Variation of Sugar Plum Fairy and the Prince

Don Quixote:

Act 1 – Variation of Kitri, Basilio

Act 2 – Variation of Kitri, Cupid, the Mistress of the Dryades

Act 3- Variation of Kitri and Basilo, variation of the Bridesmaid

La Bayadere:

Act 2 – Variation of Gamzatti, Solor

Act 3 – Variation of Nikia and Solor, three variations of the shades


Act 2 - Variation of Paquita and Lucien d’Hervilly

Any female variations

Variation Giselle:

Act 2 – Variation Giselle and Albrecht

Le Corsaire:

Act 1 – Variation of Medora

Act 2 – Variation of Gulnare and the Merchant

Variation of Medora and the Slave:

Act 3 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd variation from pas de trois des odalisques

Variation Grand Pas De Deux and Odalisques


Any female variations from Act 1 and Act 2

Act 3 - Variation of Raymonda and Jean de Brienne

La Esmeralda:

Variation of Esmeralda and Phoebus

Variations of Diana and Acteon

Grand Pas Classique:

Female and male variation

La Vivandiere (Markitenka)

Female and male variation

Santanella (The Carnival in Venice):


Female and male variation

La Fille Mal Gardee:


Act 1 – Variation of Swanilda

Act 2 – Variation Franz

La Sylphide:

Act 1 – Variation James

Act 2 – Variation Sylphide and James

Chopiniana (Les Sylphides):

The Flower Festival at Genzano

Female and male variations from Pas de Deux

The Flames of Paris:

Act 4 – Variation of Jeanne and Phillippe

Rast Der Kavallerie:

Female and male variations from Pas de Deux Les Millions D’Arlequin (Harlequinade)